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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 27, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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tomorrow starts here.
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stories we're watching now in "the newsroom" do you have a right to know if your neighbor owns a gun? a new york paper thinks so, they published a map of people with gun permits and we'll talk to someone who is on that list in just a minute. a snag for thousands of holiday travelers, the killer winter storm arrives in the northeast, we're already seeing long delays, hundreds of flights canceled, and highway traffic snarled. $1.1 billion toyota agrees to settle a class action lawsuit over unintended acceleration and also installed new safety features and a shark tank in a shopping mall explodes, sending sharks flying everywhere and shoppers running for their lives. newsroom starts now. good morning, i'm carol
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costello. jobless claims fall to a four-year low. alison kosik joins us from the new york stock exchange to tell us more. >> this winds up being a big improvement for jobless claims number falling 12,000 last week to 350,000, and what that means is that the level now is close to the lowest level since the early part of the recession, so it really shows these layoffs are slowing. something interesting has been happening in the past several weeks. the claims numbers have spiked, and then have slowly been settling down and that was mostly because of superstorm sandy. so today with the level at this more palatable sort of level at 350,000 the big question is will today be just a blip or will this be the beginning of a trend, and that's what you really want to see. you want to see the level of layoffs continuing to at least stay the same and obviously you want to see them come down but at the same time you also want to see hiring happening and that's where that government jobs report that we focus on
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once a month, that's where that comes into play. we're going to get the next one next week, that government jobs report and the big worry, carol, that's hanging over all of this is the fiscal cliff. although we're still in the middle of wondering what congress is going to do about it, companies are already holding back hiring so that is clearly impacting the jobs market but the good news once again is the layoffs are slowing, down 12,000 to 350,000 last week. carol? >> thank you very much, washington. alison kosik thank you so much. growing outrage over the decision of a new york newspaper to publish a map with the names and addresses of people who have gun permits. the interactive map was created with information available publicly. it pinpoints the location of legally licensed permit holders for handguns. we reached out for a statement from the newspaper, it sent us this, "the massacre in newtown, connecticut, remains at top-of-mind for many of our readers. or readers are understandably and keenly interested to know about who owns guns in their
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neighborhoods." scott summervila is president of the westchester new york fire owner association. he is on the list and joins me this morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm good. you opened the newspaper and see your name, is that how you found out? >> yeah, actually i got a bunch of phone calls and said hey, by the way, this is not the first time they've done it. they've printed our names in the past but it's the first time they made it google earth where you can drag the man to see the person's house, and we have a huge worry because you actually made a criminal's job easier to case a house from the comforts of their own home on a computer on how they could break in. >> by that, the thief knows where he can steal a gun? >> steal a gun, where the guns are and what home there are and how many windows, doors, access, their escape route, entry root can be just by clicking a mouse. >> the paper says there are
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residents at westchester county and beyond who want to know who has guns in their neighborhoods because they feel safer that way. how do you respond to the newspaper? >> i think if you look at new york state's law, it's a concealed to carry license which means you're not supposed to let anyone know you actually have a gun on your person, and if you do or it's brandishing, unless you absolutely need deadly physical force, you could lose your license through revocation. what the paper just did is do the opposite of what the law tells the pistol licensee to do and now everybody knows where they are and put a lot of families in danger by doing so. >> on the other hand, this is public information. it can be gotten by anyone who goes through the trouble. the paper i guess made it easier. >> they did, made it quite easier. i believe our forefathers when they wrote that in early 1900s here in new york state they weren't counting on google earth to actually come into play with that. the list can be published, but not in such a manner.
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40% of that list is retired law enforcement. i actually saw some women who i knew that have order of protections from their spouses and they were really beaten pretty badly and now their lives are in danger because they printed their names. that and law enforcement, it's actually quite disgusting. >> earlier this morning cnn, we spoke to a blogger who published the names of people who work at the paper, published their addresses, too, and suggested that people go to the homes of these journalists. do you think that's an appropriate response? >> i think those gun owners want to see how the shoe fits on the other foot so to speak, and -- >> but this tit for tat, i mean, come on. >> i think everyone should have a little privacy and be allowed to have that privacy when they want to, and by what they did, it hasn't -- we lost our privacy. you think they would have had
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restraint in this like an adult would have. >> but do you believe that gun owners should show up at the house of these journalists and i don't know what would they do? what would they do? >> i don't know what they would do? i guess they'd maybe protest. i really don't know what they're going to do. i've had some phone calls that some people want to organize that. i've got really mixed feelings about that right now. >> but in your gut how do you feel? should we just complain about it as you are quite publicly and not show up at the journalists' house to just aggravate the situation even more? >> well that's what it is, then we're just as bad as they are. this is their personal agenda to make this happen, to put our families in harm's way, to go back and give it to them at the same way it's not they're in danger, it's to show how upset we are of what they've done. maybe that's what needs to be
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done. i'd rather not but i'm not going to stop other gun owners and their frustration in letting the editors know the lack of restraint they had with this particular view of theirs. >> scott surmervil summerville, so much for being with us this this morning. >> thank you. in just an hour i'm going to talk exclusiveclusively with th president of the nra, david keene, to get his reaction to that newspaper's actions. in los angeles, a gun buyback program we told you about yesterday became the most popular drive-through in the entire city. people lined up for blocks and blocks to hand over their weapons in exchange for grocery gift cards. while there were many people who dropped off just one gun, perhaps something that had been in the family for years, there were many who brought in multiple weapons. the los angeles times reports police took out 22 pistols from the truck of one honda, that got the driver $1,000 in gift cards. the people had reasons beyond
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money for turning in those weapons. >> different shootings and things have been happening in the country over the last couple of weeks. i was really driven to bring this gun in today. >> to turn in some ammunition and guns that may be stolen from our house and you know someone may do something really bad with them. >> we'll find out later today the total number of weapons turned in, in los angeles. take a look at these live pictures out of syracuse, new york, this is the same powerful storm that has been moving across the country, started in california over the weekend, dumping heavy snow all along the way and you name it, high winds, tornadoes, rain and icy conditions have snarled traffic, caused flight delays, power outages and widespread damage. the severe storms also blamed for at least six deaths, including two children. in alabama a store clerk
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described what it was like when a tornado touched down. >> i've never been in a war zone but i'm sure it's what it looks like, all of the stuff lifted off the buildings was laid on our parking lot, totes in the tree, broken glass everywhere. i was thankful i was alive. if it had been 100 yards away it would have ripped through the middle of the store. >> this is surveillance video from the walgreens store in mobile as the twister passed by. look at that debris. you can see how powerful the wind was. and today the northeast gets the brunt of that storm, let's head over to meteorologist bpss about for a look at what's ahead. >> hi, carol. the storm is moving to the northeast, not as large as it once was but it proving to bring quite an impact. what we're looking at are delays across new york and philadelphia due to the wind and the power of the storm. speaking of wind, we don't know the cause of why this happened but southwest airlines out of macarthur airport in islip had
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an incident this morning where the plane slid off into the gas grassy area. passengers were on board from islip to tampa around 6:30 this morning, no injuries reported. everyone was fine but at the time, winds were gusting well over 32 miles per hour in islip, so we'll have to see whether winds caused that to occur. it's interesting to note you don't have to have heavy rain coming down to have impacts. we have delays at laguardia, we'll see that continue throughout the day today. the storm system is now on our radar picture showing heavy snow over northern new england. this is where we're anticipating accumulating snow by the foot, and don't forget about the wind, blowing and drifting snow will really cause this to pile in, and through kingston and areas of upstate new york you're getting a mix of snow, sleet and rain, driving treacherous across the northeast today, carol. flurries in atlanta yesterday but look at the temperatures, they dropped down into the 20s across texas so cold air
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plummeting really far south impacting so many people. >> it's cold here in atlanta. >> it is. >> we're not used to that. we've been spoiled. bonnie schneider, thanks so much. president obama ended his holiday vacation early this morning, boarding a plane in hawaii to make his way back to washington and you can bet he's planning to get back to work on that so-called fiscal cliff as soon as he lands. the goal, to work out a deal that can solve the political gridlock before the new year. the senate will reconvene today. the house, however s not back in session after the failure of speaker john boehner's plan b last week, house members are saying the ball is now in the senate's court. former president george h.w. bush is in the intensive care unit at a houston hospital this morning. according to a statement from the bush family the president has been in intensive care since sunday, after suffering a series of setbacks, including a persistent fever. they also say he's relentlessly positive and spends time talking and joking with his doctors.
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it is 15 minutes past the hour. the u.s. senate seat left vacant after the death of daniel inouye of hawaii will be filled this arch. lieutenant governor brian schatz is filling the seat. he's expected to be sworn in later today. d.c. said they asked if david gregory could use the magazine as a prop and were told no. the devices are illegal even if they're not attached to a weapon. nbc has not responded to cnn's request for a comment.
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a 30-foot whale discovered on a new york beach is not expected to survive. biologists say the thin whale is emaciated, in poor physical condition and nothing can be done to save it. if nature does not take its course they plan to humane lly euthanize it. the u.s. i to hit its legal borrowing limit on monday. geithner says the government can operate for a few more weeks but congress needs to act quickly to avoid a full blown crisis. if you own a toyota that had unintended acceleration problems, toyota's agreed to pay $1.1 billion to settle a class action lawsuit so what does that mean for you? alison kosik is in new york to tell you. hi, alison. >> hi, carol. this is one of the biggest lawsuits of its kind in the auto
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sector. it revolves around the sticky pedal issue that started happening from a few years ago. that's where some toyota drivers said they were experiencing what's known as unintended acceleration and that's when their gas pedals were getting stuck in floor mats, about 16 million vehicles are going to be covered by this settlement, and the model years ranging from 1998 through 2010. once a judge approves this settlement, the current owners, they're going to get a break override system installed as well as a customer care plan that will have a warranty on certain parts tied to the acceleration for up to ten years. another part of this payout will compensate current owners whose cars are not eligible for the override system and a separate fund that will go to former owners of these toyota models who sold their cars for reduced values because of the negative publicity. what the settlement does not cover, though, are any personal injury claims. remember, this comes as toyota
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tries to really try to move past its biggest but not most recent safety crisis. you look at just this year alone, the automaker already recalled more than 10 million cars and it agreed earlier this month to pay more than $17 million for issues related to its lexus recall. toyota investors seem to be happy to be putting this issue behind them. the company shares are higher in the premarket. carol? >> alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange, actually you're live in new york. i see that there. thanks. talk back question today will america ever come together on the gun issue?, or you can tweet me @carolcnn. i'll be right back. is a
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day, the question, will america ever come together on guns? it's been almost two weeks since newtown. where does america stand when it comes to guns? on the one handgun sales have
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surged, including those of semiautomatic rifles like the one used at sandy hook. yet in los angeles, people stood in line for two hours for a gun buy-back. some wanted guns out of the house. others wanted to get the gift cards but clearly many felt having more guns did not make them feel safer. >> i dropped off some guns, some were antiquing, some were new but i had no use for them. >> i'm getting old my senses are coming to me and i don't need those around the house anymore. >> what about nra executive vice president wayne lapierre's proposal for armed guards at schools? politicians are split on the issue. and today the utah shooting sports council is sponsoring a free concealed weapons class for educators, this at the same time two firefighters were shot and killed by a man with an assault rifle similar to the one used in newtown. the mayor of philadelphia responded this way.
6:24 am
>> i guess mr. lapierre would then say that firefighters need to have armed guards go with them. i mean i think it just shows that that was a completely dumb ass idea from the start. >> president obama has called for a meaningful conversation on guns, but it seems as if americans are talking at not to each other. talk back question today, will america ever come together on guns? or tweet me @carolcnn. i'll be right back. ♪
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and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. we've talked a lot about the gun culture in this country since sandy hook and up until now we haven't come to any conclusions about how to stop gun violence in america.
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not hard to understand, we live in two americas, one that believes owning a gun is a god-given right and one that believes owning a gun comes with a price, sometimes a tragic price. few years ago i sat down with two men who represent those two americas, one in baltimore, maryland, and the other at rural western pennsylvania. donte barksdale runs on faith. >> i'm going to take a little walk. >> reporter: an ex-con, long fought to end gun violence. according to the brady campaign to prevent gun violence there were more than 97,000 people shot in america this year, more than 250 each day. we like our guns in america. we love our guns in america. don't we? >> in the urban parts of the city, you know they tell us the biggest guy, the guy who has the most people are afraid of, the guy with the biggest gun, this is what a man is. safe streets. we're all we got. >> reporter: in 2009 barksdale
6:29 am
worked with safe streets, an organization aimed at reducing gun violence among 14 to 25-year-olds in baltimore. guns are a part of life in rural america, too. [ gunshots ] but the aim here, to keep them and use them. they put food on the table and make many feel safe. there are some people who say that owning a gun is a god-given right. do you consider it to be that? >> yes. >> why? >> because i need to protect myself. >> from? >> from the bad guys. or whoever. or an animal. >> what we're dealing with in the urban part of the communities is that people use guns to resolve their problems, and that this is not normal. >> reporter: two very different viewpoints reflecting a debate in america that's become polarized. >> people that might otherwise have been in the middle about gun control, gun liberties, have been pushed to polar extremes.
6:30 am
>> it all depends where you're coming from. do you think that you'd feel differently about guns if you lived in a high crime area? >> no. >> really? >> i wouldn't feel any different. >> you really wouldn't? >> i might even buy more guns or i might buy an ak-47 just to, so i'm not outgunned. but no, i wouldn't feel any different. >> there are people who use guns, you know what i'm saying, to hunt, to do whatever they do, but in my neighborhood, guns are used to resolve conflict. there ain't going to be no killers in east baltimore. >> and n the wake of the connecticut school shooting, the debate over guns has been renewed from main street to washington and in 30 minutes i'll talk exclusively with the man whose group has been at the center of the conversation for many years, the nra's president david keene will join me 30 minutes from now.
6:31 am
it is 30 minutes past the hour. here are stories we're watching now in the newsroom, seconds ago wall street opened for business, investors worried about the impending fiscal cliff have other issues to consider. the weekly jobless rate is in and it's at its lowest level in four and a half years. economic reports on housing markets, consumer confidence and manufacturing also due out this morning. some advice for air travelers, check your flight status before you leave home today. winter storm now pounding the northeast has forced the cancellation of more than 360 flights today, that's in addition to the more than 1,700 cancellations yesterday. unbelievable video out of shanghai, china, where a 33-ton aquarium full of sharks exploded, sending sharks flying everywhere and terrified shoppers running for their lives. 16 people suffered cuts and bruises. no one was seriously hurt. three lemon sharks were killed in the incident, though.
6:32 am
just five days left until the united states crosses over the so-called fiscal cliff, and just in case washington doesn't make a deal, we're going to get you ready. every day this week we're looking at how it will affect you and your pocketbook. today we're focusing on that potentially higher tax bill. ryan mack is president of optimum capital management and joins me via skype from detroit. good morning again, ryan. >> good morning, how are you doing? >> i'm doing pretty good, but we have to talk about tax rates and after that i don't know how i'll be doing. >> i understand. i understand. >> how much higherould tax rates go? >> well, we're looking at the top tax rate going to as high as 39.6% from 35%, the discussions of compromising a level of 37%. capital gains taxes increasing from 15% to 20% pre-bush tax levels. then estate taxes going as high as 55% with the $1 million exemption and currently the 35%
6:33 am
with a $5 million exemption so we're definitely going to see a big change coming forward. >> so when will we feel it? >> well we won't feel it until 2014, when the majority of it, when the individuals file their 2013 taxes. the payroll tax cut was for individuals earning $50,000 a year, might fill a lessen in their total check in january, the majority not until 2014. >> so is there any way you can avoid higher taxes, any tricks? >> well essentially what individuals are doing is almost like a reverse philosophy, where previously individuals wanted to take as many deductions as they are right now to reduce their taxable base but individuals what they're realizing income levels if they can figure out how to accelerate their income now and take the deductions next year, for instance, using, making their charitable deductions, if you haven't made them already, make them next year and take that deduction
6:34 am
next year or essentially if you are due for a bonus next year, see if you can get the bonus this year and make your income a little bit higher this year and take advantage of the lower taxable rates or capital gains taxes, if those go up if you have an appreciated stock in your portfolio you want to make a sale, make it this year as opposed to next year and consequently losses take those losses in 2013 so you can write that off against an income level that's going to be taxed at a higher rate. >> i'm going to ask you this final question because there's a new idea floating around out there. dana bash talking to her sources on capitol hill, she says there's kind of a push for us to go over the fiscal cliff and then taxes will rise, right, but then congress will reconvene on january 3rd and vote to cut taxes. is that appliable solution in your mind? >> it kind of it, pretty much what i feel will happen. they have a little bit of wiggle room. the majority of this is not
6:35 am
going to be felt until 2014 for the majority of the income tax rise so that causes congress to force them to make a deal knowing that we actually are operating under a higher tax rate right now, even though americans won't feel it, so it's almost like an additional leverage for those who actually want to make a deal and get something done. i just want somebody, like starbucks, we all need to come together. >> and quit kicking the can down the road, darn it. >> exactly. >> ryan thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> ryan has been with us all week tackling the fiscal effects on your pocketbook. tomorrow, what the fiscal cliff means for your retirement. from the strange case of the technology pioneer john mcafee on the run to so many tragic shootings, we have the top crime and punishment stories of 2012 next. auto
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sadly 2012 had its share of crime and punishment. here's randi kaye with the top ten stories of 2012. >> the year turned out to be one full of incredible stories, some unfolded and sparked international outrage and still as others developed, the details were almost too hard to believe. crimes were committed and in some cases justice was handed down but for some victims, they may never know what justice feels like. here is our top ten list of crime and punishment stories of 2012. >> a manhunt is under way for a mcafee software founder john mcafee. >> the computer whiz and millionaire is now wanted for questioning in the murder of an american ex-patriot in belize. >> police are pursuing multiple leads and they claim they just want to talk to mcafee as part of their investigation, but nobody seems to know where he is. >> yes, this one was strange, and only got stranger, after weeks went by and no one could find him.
6:40 am
well, not no one. >> breaking news right now, a fugitive software tycoon john mcafee wanted for questioning in the murder of a neighbor in belize. our martin savidge found him. >> mcafee claims he didn't kill his neighbor. number nine, the day darkness fell under a crystal clear august sky in wisconsin. >> the latest information that we know, seven people are dead at this point, three of them we're told outside of the tefrl. >> the gunman on a rampage at a sikh temple, wade michael page, u.s. army veteran. after shooting one police officer multiple times -- >> shots fired! shots fired at an officer! >> page was shot and killed by another officer. number eight the massacre in kandahar province. >> the united states takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens and our own children who were murdered. >> the accused gunman army staff sergeant robert bales.
6:41 am
bales left his afghanistan outpost on a night back in march and single handedly attacked two villages, opening fire and killing 16 afghan civilians in their homes, and wounding six others. number seven, striking a deal in the shooting that struck a blow to the nation. >> the man who shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords and killed six people in a rampage in tucson last year pleaded guilty to 19 charges. >> jared loughner was sentenced to 140 years and seven life sentences. he will avoid the death penalty. chicago's murder rate surged to levels not seen in a decade. by december close to 500 people were killed in the city. >> it's not just the gang bangers. right now innocent kids and women are being shot on a daily basis. >> averaging more than a murder a day, most of the crime happened in a few specific areas. >> the entire city suffers when the violence happens and this
6:42 am
idea of not in my backyard is not okay. >> we start this morning with breaking news from italy. >> a massive cruise ship, the ""costa concordia"" turned on its side after running aground in january. 32 passengers and crew were killed. the captain says it was an accident, not a crime, but he now faces charges. the ship's captain is being investigated for manslaughter and abandoning ship. he claims he tripped and fell into a lifeboat. the sentencing of jerry sandusky. >> carol, jerry sandusky will die in jail. >> a judge sentenced the 68-year-old former penn state assistant football coach to at least 30 years in jail after he was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse. despite the mounting of evidence against him, sandusky continues to proclaim his innocence. he's in the process of appealing his sentence. number three, the shooting of unarmed 17-year-old trayvon martin.
6:43 am
>> my son left sanford, florida, in a body bag while george zimmerman went home to go to sleep in his own bed. >> accused gunman george zimmerman claimed self-defense in a case that sparked international outrage, and ignited racial tensions. the trial is set for june. number two -- >> we need rescue inside the auditorium, multiple victims. >> i've got seven down in theater nine, seven down. >> july 20th, just past midnight, terror inside theater nine. >> aurora, colorado, nine miles east of denver, there's been a mass shooting at a movie theater. >> prosecutors say james holmes donned protective gear, threw tear gas and began firing. in the end, 12 people killed, 58 others wounded. holmes faces 152 charges. many victims continue to recover while others will never recover the loss they suffered that night.
6:44 am
and number one. >> unimaginable horror grips the nation in one of the deadliest school shootings in u.s. history. >> tragedy at sandy hook elementary. >> this is unspeakable what happened in this town. >> innocent children shot dead in their classrooms, the victims, 16 6-year-olds, four 7-year-olds along with six adults. >> emily's laughter was infectious and all those who had the pleasure to meet her would agree this world is a better place because she has been in it. >> in newtown, connecticut, an outpouring of kindness and compassion, while a nation faced hard questions about mental health and guns. as the president issued an emotional call for action. >> for those of us who remain, let us find the strength to carry on, and make our country worthy of their memory. >> randi kaye, cnn, atlanta. this december, remember -- [ ] you can stay in and share something...
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6 minutes past the hour. gifts have been flooding into newtown, connecticut, in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school shooting and now the town is asking people to please stop. town official says the outpouring has been heartwarming but they're overwhelmed. they're asking people to express their sympathy by donating to those in need in other communities. a grand jury indicted dallas cowboys defensive tackle josh brent in an accident that killed teammate jerry brown. he's been charged with intoxication manslaughter, carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison but he could be eligible for probation. newly released documents show the fbi viewed the occupy wall street movement as a potential threat and had counterterrorism agents from alaska to florida keeping watch. agents were in touch with police, businesses and universities nationwide, even before demonstrations began in
6:48 am
new york city last year. the winter storm that hit dallas affected air travel out of dfw airport causing a nightmare scenario for passengers on one flight. cnn affiliate wfaa in dallas reports the american airlines flight sat at the gate for nearly five hours. one passenger said the airline told them they could get off but also warned them that they could be leaving any minute. the pilot not only apologized to his passengers, but took a shot at those who kept the passenger stuck on the plane. >> it's beyond reproach. i have no words to tell you that, how sorry i am for all of this. decisions are being made way above our heads and, by people that obviously, in my humble opinion, don't have a clue what they're doing. >> wow. american airlines had this statement, our hindered ability to de-ice and approach aircraft with ground equipment jetways and ramp stairs created serious
6:49 am
delays for aircraft inbound and outbound. operating safety was our focus. in washington, the senate is about to reconvene and when it does, the senate majority leader harry reid is expected to weigh in, in just about ten minutes on the looming fiscal cliff. reid and his fellow senators are under intense scrutiny after john boehner said the democratic controlled senate must act first on proposals already passed by his chamber. we will bring you reid's remarks as they happen. as the clock ticks down toward the fiscal cliff, washington has a new worry the debt ceiling, treasury secretary tim geithner says the united states will hit its legal borrowing limit on monday. alison kosik is in new york. i feel like it's groundhog day. >> i know it really is. what's old is new again, right, carol? let me kind of back up the bus here. we start talking about the debt ceiling and i know people's eyes
6:50 am
glaze over. let me tell you exactly what the debt ceiling is. it's a cap set by congress of the amount of money the federal government can borrow. right now the ceiling is at $16.394 trillion and treasury secretary tim geithner said earlier this week we could hit that debt ceiling on monday, on new year's eve and the treasury will soon start using what it says are extraordinary measures to keep the government from going over the limit so just to give you an example if you're a government worker, that can mean that investments that go into your pension could be suspended, but that won't even buy much time. the next question is, what could happen if we do go through the ceiling? well the treasury won't be able to pay the country's bills in full or it won't be able to pay them on time and that means that the u.s. could default on some of its obligations. what that would do, it would cause a huge ripple that would cause a huge ripple effect. that would hit your retirement accounts and any money in the marketplace.
6:51 am
plus make it a lot more difficult for banks to give out loans for cars or student loans. and then on top of all that, government benefits could be disrupted. if you get a social security check right now, those may not come in. who can forget lawmakers most recently raised the debt ceiling last summer but not until the last limit. so it looks like it could come down to the wire yet once again. thank our elected leaders for that. >> i don't think people want to thank them for that. e we can't say what they want to do on television. alison kosik, thanks so much. talkback question. will america will come together on guns? your responses nengs. ♪ you are my sunshine, my only sunshine ♪
6:52 am
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our talkback question of the day. will america ever come together on guns? anthony says i don't think so. people hold those it rights high. it will always be split but some type of reform will happen in the coming years. i think americans love their
6:55 am
children more. at least i hope. joel says, no, we won't. it's hard enough getting people to agree on gun issues. i'm very liberal, but i don't think stricter gun controls will do anything pruktdive. from mitch, this like abortion will always be a fight so to speak with each side believing they are right. nothing it productive will ever be accomplished. harold says, i have never owned a gun but we have to find common ground and meet in the middle to find a solution to diminish the gun violence in our world. keep the conversation going at or on twitter. . in five minutes i'll talk with the nra's president david kean. . omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle.
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rebounded thanks to late-game heroics from smith. they were playing without carr nel low anthony. they used a fancy spin move. he hit the jumper to tie the game at 97. then with the game still tied and 1 second to go, jason kidd passed to smith and he hits it. the fade away shot at the jumper. knicks win. they are locked with miami at the top of the eastern conference. indianapolis head coach chuck pagano was upbeat after his first back prak tis with the team since leukemia treatment. >> it's tough getting up. e getting used to that 5:00 wakeup call, but it's so good to be back and today coming in and doing a normal wednesday for myself and having a team meeting and offense, defense, have a walk through, it's been fabulous. >> he hopes to be on the the
7:00 am
sidelines for the regular season finale on sunday. check out the reaction of this alabama football fan to his christmas gift. e he thinks the gift is the hat but the real present is inside the hat. >> we're going to the game, pa! >> they are going to the bcs national championship game. those tickets aren't cheap. the game is sold out. if you find something on the resale market you'll pay at least $1,000 for a nosebleed seat. he's one lucky guy. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts right now. stories we're watching in the newsroom. the second amendment, is it possible to strike a balance between the right to bare arms
7:01 am
and keeping americans safe. the president of the nra joins me with his thoughts. netflix is allowed to share on facebook. the only problem, police can search through all your e e-mail archives without a warrant. a shark tank in a shopping mall explodes sending sharks flying everywhere and shoppers run i running for their lives. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. harry reid is expected to speak at any time now about the fiscal cliff. reid and fellow senators are under intense scrutiny after john boehner said the senate must act first on proposals already passed his bihis chamber. we'll bring you his remark when
7:02 am
is they happen. the other top story growing outrage over a decision to publish a map with names and addressed of people who have gun permits. the map was created with publicly-available information. it pinpoints the location of licensed permit holders for handguns. we reached out for the paper and they sent us this back. "the mass kwer in newtown, connecticut, remains atop our minds. readers are keenly interested to know about who owns guns in their neighborhood." brian todd joins me now. you talked to gun owners about this issue. what did they say? >> there's a lot of fallout over this map. when you work this map on the interpret, all you have to do is click on the dots and the name and address of the permit holder pops up there. we went to a gun store in virginia. the manager did not want the store identified by name, but e we asked gun owners what they think of the map.
7:03 am
take a listen. >> a couple reasons. obviously, gun ownership is personal. but the main concern i would have is there are a lot of gun thefts. so if your name comes up and your address and zip code comes up,people are going to know who are not the right people are going to want to break in and steel your guns. that would be a concern. you don't know if you're going to be home when that happens or a family member would be home when that happens. that would be my main concern. >> would you be less likely to buy a gun? >> no. >> why not? >> if it's a matter of public record, anybody could find out any way. >> so a lot of fallout over this. some people have suggested that maybe the paper should be sued for violating the privacy of the permit holders but legal experts believe it would be difficult to win a lawsuit because you'd have
7:04 am
to prove there was intent to harm someone there. so the fallout continues against the paper for this. >> let's talk about the backlash against the paper. what are some people doing in response to this? >> it's interesting. one attorney christopher fountain put on his blog the names -- >> brian, i'm sorry. i have to interrupt you. harry reid is talking about the fiscal cliff. let's listen. >> it's not going to be a good draw. americans taxes are approaching the wrong direction. come the first of this year, americans will have less income than they have today. if we go over the cliff and it looks like that's where we're headed, the house of representatives as we speak with four days left after today aren't here with the speaker having told them they will give
7:05 am
them 48 hours notice. i can't imagine their consciouses. they are out wherever they are and we're here trying to get something done. they are not in washington, d.c. the house of representatives are not here. they couldn't even get the leadership together yesterday. they had to do it with a teleconference. republican leadership. if we go over the cliff, we'll be left with the knowledge that could have been prevented with a single vote in the republican-controlled house of representatives of mr. speaker, prior to this session starting today, the presiding officer and i had a conversation about how things have changed around here. i served in the house of representatives. there's 435 members of a house. what goes on in this country shouldn't be decided by the majority. it should be decided by the whole house of representatives.
7:06 am
everyone knows, including the speaker of the house of representatives, that if they brought up the senate-passed bill, it would give relief to everyone making less than $250,000, it would pass overwhelmingly. but the speaker says, no, we can't do that. it has to be a majority of the majority. so they have done nothing. he tried to bring up the bill last week to show they could defeat it. they couldn't do that even. they couldn't defeat the bill passed here in the senate. the american people, i don't think, understand the house of representatives is operating without the house of representatives. it's being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker not allowing the vast majority of the house of representatives to get what they want.
7:07 am
if the $250,000 would be brought up, it would be passed overwhelmingly. on any given day for the last five or six months since july 25th, speaker boehner could have brought the tax cut legislation to a vote in the house. then it would pass. but he's doing -- he's made the decision he's not going to let a vote on that because it would pass. i've said here, mr. president, it's not too late for the speaker to take up the bill. but that time is even winding down. today is thursday. he's going to get 48-hours notice to the house before they come back. so that's saturday. with just that one vote, middle-class families would have the security their taxes wouldn't go up by $2,200 on new
7:08 am
year's day. speaker boehner should call members back today. he shouldn't have let them go, in fact. they are not here. they are not here. john boehner seems to care more about keeping his speakership than keeping the country on financial footing. he's waiting until january 3rd to get reelected as speaker before he gets serious with negotiations. because he has so many people over there that won't follow what he wants. that's obvious from the debaa kl that took place last week and it was a debacle. he made an offer to the president. the president came back, they are just a little bit apart. he walked away from that and went to plan b. all it did was whack people who need help the most.
7:09 am
poor people, and he couldn't even pass that. remember, he's not letting the house of representatives vote. he's letting the republicans vote. it was so bad and he was in such difficult shape there he wouldn't even allow a vote to take place because he knew he would lose. for months, he's allowed house republicans to hold them hostage to protect the richest 2%. the funny part, the 2% don't want to be protected. the majority of rich people on our great country are willing to pay more. the only people that disagree with that are republicans who work in this building. the speaker just has a few days left to change his mind. i have to be very honest, mr. president. >> we're going to step away from harry reid. you kind of get the gist of what he's saying.
7:10 am
he's blaming the republican john boehner for the stall in talks on fiscal cliff. dana bash is our congressional correspondent. it just seems like this is the blame game. the house speaker would blame the president, the senate majority leader would blame the house speaker. who is to blame in all this? >> everybody is, carol. it's the blame game. i'm a little surprised at how personal harry reid just got in going after the speaker. it is true that things have clearly broken down, that goes without saying, and that the democrats were not happy that maybe a week and a half ago the speaker pulled out of talks with the president after they had reached a pretty good amount of progress. but the fact that he called the speaker a dictator and in the next breath said he's worried about his job, it's a little
7:11 am
contradictory, but very personal. let me give you a little bit of a reality check. that is it is true that the house is not in session. they will come in quickly at 2:00 in a pro formal way and house republican leaders have told members they will give them 48-hours notice and that hasn't happened yet. but senator reid and democrats and republicans in the senate also went home for the holidays. they are back today. but it is unclear what's going to happen at this point. it's also clear both parties know that the ball is in the senate's court right now. there was a lot of posture that speaks to how angry people are right now and how tense things are. but it does not necessarily mean they are not going to continue talking when it comes to the united states senate. >> let's hope they keep talking, some how, some way.
7:12 am
we don't have too much longer. dana bash, thank you, we appreciate that. as we have been telling you all morning long, the nra's president is here. we'll talk to him after a break. [ cellphone chirping ]
7:13 am
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14 minutes past the hour. now back to our top story. the decision of a new york newspaper to publish the names and addresses of gun permit holders, even the brady center, a group in favor of gun control is opposed to what the journal news located in new york, decided to do. the center calls the decision to publish the names misplaced and it adds it's not a common sense approach to decreasing gun violence in this country. with me is david keene, president of the national rifle association. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. i suspect in the case of the journal news you agree with the brady center? >> we don't agree often, but we do agree on that. it's more than misplaced. i think it was uncon shenable. for a couple reasons. it works both ways. these are all upstanding
7:16 am
citizens who have passed rigorous tests. they own their firearms legally. by listing them, they do two things. one, most guns that are used illegally in this country are either bought on the black market or they are stolen. so if you're a criminal looking for a gun, you've just been given a map to where you can find some. the paper would like to list the makes of guns that people own so you'd have a catalog to shop. secondly on the other side, it also tells you who isn't armed. and therefore, if you're not seeking a gun but seeking television sets and the like through burglary, you know where to go. i think it is clearly irresponsible. the fact is that this newspaper did this knowingly for the purpose of trying to demonize gun owners because they don't happen to believe in firearms.
7:17 am
but this -- >> but again, though, the fact that the brady center agrees with you. the newspaper should not have done this, does that say to people out there who are yearning for a compromise that there's some middle ground here? we can agree on at least something. >> there's always something to agree on. when we get to the basic question of whether americans under the 2nd amendment have the right to use and purchase and own firearms legally and for lawful purposes, i don't think we'll get to an area of agreement. and at least we can agree that people who exercise their rights who have no reason to be suspected of having done anything wrong shouldn't be demonized because some paper disagrees with them. i think what's important is that as we have this "conversation"
7:18 am
in the days following the newtown massacre that the conversation should be rational. we're willing to discuss all of these things because we're confident in our position. but i don't think that attacking people personally, trying to demonize them, trying to blame individuals for something that's not their fault in any way gets us anywhere. i'm willing to talk with the brady people or anyone else. the evidence is very clear in what works and what doesn't. >> i must say when we found out we were going to interview today, i have an active facebook pamg and i put on there what would you like me to ask david keene from the national rifle association and many comments say why is the nra crazy? why are they out of touch with reality? why do you think people say those things about the nra? >> the question of firearms in this country is a question on
7:19 am
which people disagree very deeply. and some people tend to personalize it. i tell you this though. recent polls show the nra is quite popular. certainly more than either of the national political party, although that's a pretty low bar. we asked voters in wisconsin following the recall election of governor walker whether they agree with the goals and principles of the national rifle association and 45% of them said yes. there are people who are detractors, yes there are people who dis agree with us on policy and yes there are people who think that because we support firearms rights that we're crazy. but the fact of the matter is most americans don't feel that way at all. and most support the 2nd amendment. >> we'll get to a few polls in a minute. but i'd like to get this question out of the way. david gregory held up a magazine
7:20 am
during his interview with wayne lapeer. it's illegal in the city of washington, d.c., should he be prosecuted? >> no, i don't think so. there are two lessons for him there. don't ask the government what's legal and what isn't legal because half the people you ask don't know. and secondly, that's a silly felony. it's a felony in washington, d.c., to own that magazine or to be caught with a cartridge. so i really think what david gregory did, while he was inadvertently flauting the law, was illustrated in a very graphic way, perhaps not intentionally, just how silly some of these laws are. and if he's prosecuted -- >> isn't it the nra's position to enforce the existing laws on the books? >> then why not? it's on the books? >> i'm not a vindictive guy that
7:21 am
wants to go after david gregory. i think it illustrates the craziness of some of the laws. >> but still, it's a law that's on the books and that's your position so right now it's illegal to hold up something like that. >> people who use guns and firearms in the commission of crimes should be prosecuted under existing laws. this was not a commission of a crime by david gregory. >> but citizens can't choose which laws to follow and which laws not to follow. >> the fact of the matter is, if you want to support indicting david gregory, fine. i'll tell you who i'd like to indict. the people in chicago. the criminals in chicago who made that one of the most violent cities in america. in chicago there's less chance that you'll be prosecuted under federal firearms laws than in almost any major city in this country and that's a crime.
7:22 am
>> it's been nearly two weeks since the newtown shooting. one week since the nra response. in that time, americans seem more confused than ever about how to react to gun violence. on one hand people are buying up guns like mad. in los angeles, we have seen some of the biggest gun buyback in history. people waited two hours in line to get rid of their guns. why do you think that is? why the dichotomy in the country? >> i wasn't in los angeles for the buyback, but if you offer me a $100 for a $50 i'll sell it to y you. >> some wanted to get rid of the guns because they wanted them out of their house. >> people have every right to either own or not own a gun. that's what a free country is about. >> let's move on to the polls that i was talking about earlier. there are some who are as conservative as you can get who say the nra not listening to your own members. frank says a republican pollster
7:23 am
had to say on cbs. >> i don't think the nra is listening. i don't think that they understand. most americans would protect the 2nd amendment rights and yet agree with the idea that not every human being should own a gun. not every gun should be available for just anyone. >> all of our members agree with that. all that frank is doing, that poll he is talking about was paid for by mayor bloomberg's group. he's misrepresenting the views of the national rifle association. there are people who should not be allowed to purchase firearms and the law provides prohibiting such purposes. we have argued for years that those who have been adjudicating should be included on the instant check registry with the government so they can be denied the purchase of firearms. 23 states haven't even done
7:24 am
that. >> i think he was talking about having armed guards in every school in america. he said most don't want more guns in school, they want less. he said some of your members even agree with that and you're not listening to them. >> there are 23,000 schools today that have armed guards. private schools and public schools. cops in the schools program was initiated in the 1990s by bill clinton. whether an individual school wants that kind of protection or doesn't want that kind of protection is really up to the individual school and when we made that statement, when wayne lapeer spoke about a week ago, he suggested that what has to happen is in every school district, administrators, teachers and parents should sit down and what's needed to protect the students. some will want police officers there. others of them will want private security guards. there may be some places they
7:25 am
want volunteers to do it. we're willing to work with everybody on those questions. but the fact is that is not a crazy suggestion. >> the teachers unions in the country don't want armed guards patrolling over schools. most police officers don't want that. >> let's not got into an argument about who teachers unions are interested in. we're not urging that teachers be armed. but in some schools, school districts and teachers are armed today. and if the school district and the teachers want to do it that way, that's really up to them it seems to me. >> let's go back to mr. luns. he conducted a poll for mayors against illegal guns this past may. nra members sport what he called common sense safety measures to keep guns from criminals. i want to go through them. 87% of nra members agree 2nd amendment rights support goes
7:26 am
hand in hand with keeping guns out of the criminal hands. >> that's it the nra's position. >> how do you keep them out of the hands of criminals? i say that because if you go back to sandy hook, this kid wasn't a criminal. he got hold of a legally-purchased gun and committed mass murder. >> he stole the gun. he could not have probably purchased that firearm himself. he try, i think, to buy a gun and couldn't. in a country the size of ours, there are some people who are evil. some people are lunatics. if you go to a store to purchase a gun today, you have to fill out a government form and you have to be checked through what's called the nick system that runs your name through all the data bases of criminal activity and if you come up as a prohibited purchaser, you cannot purchase that gun. the nra has supported that system from the very beginning
7:27 am
because we agree. and if he suggests we don't agree, he's misrepresenting the facts. we agree that guns should be kept out of the hands of criminals. now -- >> you're going to -- the next statistic we have is 74% of nra members support requiring a criminal background check. but you don't have to go through any such thing at private gun shows. >> actually that's a bit of an exaggeration. if you want me to answer your question, i will. most of the guns, the vast majority of guns are sold by dealers. and everyone has to go through the same check they would go through if they bought those guns in the dealer's store, the retail outlet. the purchasers who do not have to do this is if you want to sell me a firearm as a private party just as if you want to
7:28 am
sell me your car you don't need a dealer's license. wait a minute. it's not much of a problem because the federal government has in the past done studies of where criminals get their guns. less than 1% of them are purchased at gun shows, period. so that's really not a source of very many firearms either. but 4% of the guns purchased are purchased at gun shows so you're talking -- >> a bigger problem are private gun sales. there's no record of it anywhere. should sunshine who sells a gun have to report that somewhere? shouldn't the police -- >> no. . if i sell a gun to my son or my wife or my cousin, the answer is no. >> what if that gun is used in a crime and police can't find where it came from? >> we do not keep -- this
7:29 am
country does not keep a gun registry. >> why is that? >> because a national gun registry can lead to the thing that happened in new york. secondly, history shows that nations that register guns are in a position then to take the guns away from the citizens. we have a right unless we're criminals, unless we're in a prohibited group, we have a right to have one. and there is no reason -- >> don't i have a right of a victim to do the police do the sbes investigation. >> and they do. >> without the tools, they can't. >> they have the tools. they have attempted in various places, new york tried to do microtargeting of ammunition and the like so they could trace gun crimes. they ended that program because
7:30 am
it was hugely expensive and solved no crimes. canada had a gun registry. cost them upwards of a billion dollars and solved no crimes. >> there's got to be some middle ground. it's not either/or. you're kind of make iing it it sound like that way. that gets us nowhere. >> if you expect me to say, yeah, let's get rid of the 2nd amendment. >> i'm not asking you to do that at all. >> it's valuable and worth preserving. if you're asking me are there things that can be done, for example, if the proposal is to include those who are ajud -- mentally unstable to own a firearm, i can find a middle ground on that.
7:31 am
>> david keene, thank you so much for coming in and talking with us this morning on this very important topic. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. we'll be right back. r new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness... oh my gosh, this looks amazing... [ male announcer ] 15 entrees under $15. it's our new maine stays! like chicken with wine sauce or bacon wrapped shrimp. try 15 under $15 and sea food differently. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes.
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they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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7:34 am
we are keeping a close eye on george h.w. bush. he was moved to the intensive care unit last sunday after developing a stubborn fever. his family says the former president has been relentlessly positive. he spends a lot of time talking and joking with doctors. miguel marquez is at that hospital. are you hearing anymore about his condition? >> reporter: the family spokesman is going to great lengths and the family wants to thank everybody who has called in and expressed their concern. they are going to great lengths to tell the world he's okay. he had just a very stun boar fever. we know a few facts about how
7:35 am
the former president is doing. he's been in the hospital here for a little over a month now. he came here the 23rd of november. he's been put on a liquid diet. they won't say why. he's being treated with tylenol and other measures. he's also in intensive care because staff here at the medical facility just wanted to keep tabs on him and check on his in various ways. sort of an abundance of caution. they hope and believe this is much adieu about nothing and he will be back here in houston before too long. and joking with his wife and his family from that side of town. >> we hope so. he's a tough guy. he's a war hero. >> reporter: very, very tough guy. he's had another problem with his lower extremities.
7:36 am
it's a parkinson's-like disease so he's not able to get around like he used to. there's no link between that and what he's experiencing right now. it's just a stubborn fever. they hope and believe he's getting the best care he can and he will be home before too long. >> i hope so. thank you. coming up next, the fiscal cliff. we're close enough now to peek over the edge of that cliff. insiders say buckle up and prepare for the worst. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic.
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7:39 am
we are so close to the fiscal cliff right now we can pra practically look over the edge. in fact, some people are saying it might even be too late for a deal and we'll go over that cliff. harry reid just took to the senate floor 30 minutes ago to
7:40 am
say he thinks it's likely we're going to go over the cliff. republicans like house speaker john boehner and mitch mcconnell have been radio silent on negotiations. joining me is will kain and roland martin, a political analyst and columnist. welcome to you both. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. i'm just so sad we have to talk about the fiscal cliff. let's start with you, roland. harry reid comes out and says the house isn't in session. the president is back. the house is going nowhere. john boehner is doing a terrible job and we'll likely go off the cliff because of the republicans. >> it's interesting. this morning i talked to congressman e moon yule cleaver and part of the issue deals with the house rules. they have to have 48-hours notice to come back to washington, d.c. republicans also have a rule -- >> like there are phones.
7:41 am
>> but again, the problem is the house rule that they must wait 72 hours to act on legislation. they can always suspend that rule, frankly change it for this particular purpose. that's part of the problem. they waited so long. this is also one of the reasons why congress should have kept their butt in washington, d.c. to get this problem solved because this affects millions of americans, it affects our credit, it will affect the stock market. this is what happens when you have congressional leaders who don't do their job and wait until the last second to do things. you try to run the clock out and it makes no sense. >> dana bash talked to her sourc sources. he said that lawmakers are prepared to go over the fiscal cliff because taxes will go up, yes, but then the new congress reconvenes on january 3rd and they will vote to cut taxes. problem solved. >> i think dana's sources are
7:42 am
probably accurate, we're going to go over the cliff. i told you we wouldn't a week ago. so take whatever i say with a grain of salt. i wouldn't hold everyone to some strict record on the fiscal cliff predictions, though. we're going to go over the cliff because it doesn't serve either interests to avoid going over the cliff. we want to keep our tax rates where they are. we want certainty about the rules of taxes and spending. but from a political standpoint, it doesn't help the democrats to get a deal. it doesn't really help the republicans. we always talk about them getting the blame, but they can't see the political win. neither side sees a win. >> it doesn't help democrats or republicans but it screws the american people. that sounds like congress. >> it's awful. it's just awful. >> people can't do their jobs.
7:43 am
at the end of the day, it's people who can't do their jobs. you have them talking about how it's going to throw things into disarray. other people are talking about the problems it's going to put forth. you have people so entrenched. one of the points i made last night is that this is what happens when you also push out moderate voices in both parties. in primaries when you say if you're too moderate, if you're too moderate on the republican side, you're a rockefeller republican. so we have no use for you. when those voices leave, all you're left with are voices who refuse to come together to get this thing passed for the benefit of the american people. >> but i thought the election sent a strong message to lawmakers that people are tired of partisanship. they want lawmakers to come together and do their jobs, will kain. >> did you forget one thing?
7:44 am
the same people are there. >> and look, here's the deal. while roland is probably right that moderates have been pushed out, it doesn't mean it's a valueless debate. the two sides have a debate that's very important for this country. we talked about it this morning. democrats want to pass the bush tax cuts for everyone making under $250,000 but want to continue spending that doesn't support that base. and republicans for their willingness to not raise tax, they haven't made any real big gestures towards cutting spending. so we have to have a debate over bigger issues than the fiscal cliff on taxes and spending. why we can't come together in the short-term for something that could hurt us in our short-term pocketbooks, it's delaying a bigger conversation that's going to have to be had. >> that's what congress does. >> i want one name. who is the savior who is going to swoop in and convince
7:45 am
everybody to do their jobs? roland? >> jesus. you need jesus to come down and blow like lazarus and blow breath into these dead, lifeless bodies. >> if you think i'm beginning to follow jesus with steve louisiana tor ret, you're crazy. >> sorry, baby. can't top jesus. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. [ nyquil bottle ] you know i relieve coughs, sneezing, fevers...
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[ tissue box ] he said nasal congestion. yeah...i heard him. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. more good economic news this morning when can tcomes to new home sales. they are up for the month of november and the best in two years. alison kosik is here to break down the numbers. >> this is another sign that the housing market continues to be the brightest bright spot in the economy. new home sales rose 4.4% in november. that's in line with forecasts in showing that the median price for a home is just over
7:48 am
$246,000. this is a sharp turn around when superstorm sandy drug down the sales. these numbers give us good indications about how the overall economy is doing. new homes typically are more expensive than previously-owned ones since they are built from the ground up. that has a ripple effect. it helps add construction jobs and people need to fill and decorate those houses. and also we have seen the market for new homes steadily improving. sales are now up almost 15% over the year. and that's because of a variety of factors. one of them including those record-low mortgage rates. we don't just talk about the depressing stuff. we have good news in the housing market. >> thanks so much. this just in to cnn. a shakeup in president obama's cabinet. lisa jackson for the environmental protection agency
7:49 am
will step down from her post after the president's state of the union speech. she began in 1987 as a scientist. talk back question for you today. will america ever come together on guns? your responses, next. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference.
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it is 51 minutes past the hour. the u.s. senate seat left vacant after the death of daniel u.n. way will be filled. brian schatz is nominated. he's a former legislator and an executive of a nonprofit group. d.c. police said no when nbc asked if they could use a high-capacity magazine as a prop that david gregory on "meet the press." he used it during an interview with the nra but the devices are illegal in washington. even if they are not attached to a weapon. nbc has not responded to a request for a comment.
7:53 am
a whale is not expected to survive. the whale is emaciated and in poor condition and nothing can be done to save it. if nature doesn't take its course, they plan to humanely euthanize it. and timothy geithner says the united states will hit the $16 trillion debt ceiling on monday. that's when the government reaches its legal borrowing limit. the government can operate for a few weeks using emergency measures, but congress needs to act quickly to avoid a full-blown crisis. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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our talk back question. will america ever come together on guns? if we can't control the the borders, how can we expect to control guns? this from chris, come together, no. gun people will never give them up. it's one of the great challenges before this nation right now. get the worst weapons, assault
7:57 am
rifles and handguns out of the hands of private citizens. it will be worth it. i hope so, our children and grandchildren's lives depend on it. this from steve, i don't need a gun but i'm not for taking the guns. thank you for the conversation this morning. and also on twitter. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. more after a quick break. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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